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Residential & Commercial Property Management 

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Matt Santoro      |      Agent 

A true northeast Long Island boy who migrated south and fell in love with Thomasville. Matt enjoys building with his hands and mind, sunny days, beaches, golf, long drives with the windows down, and spending time with his family.

Matt started working for a local candle maker when he was 13, which elevated his love for working and sparked his passion for seeing a raw product transform into a fully functional piece of art. After college he pursued a career in finance, working in the Private Equity industry for the last 18 years, most recently as a Fund Controller. Building from his past experiences, Matt loves the creative process around building a deal structure for an investment and the development of reporting packages for investors.

When he isn’t enjoying his time at work, Matt loves rebuilding cars and remodeling projects around his house (and at his family and friend’s houses – as he is always willing to help).  


Coletia Bentley  |  Property Coordinator

Mrs. Sassy should be her name! Coletia is a small-town girl from Moultrie, GA with a whole lot of fun-loving southern sass. Throughout her childhood, she was known as the boss despite being the youngest of 4.  Not lacking in confidence, she made sure to secure the lead role in almost everything she did: like being co-captain of Color Guard, and Vice President of her high school’s Future Business Leaders of America program. Coletia recently graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

Coletia has always had a passion for business and a desire to lead. She has gained experience in marketing both as a Marketing Coordinator and an Advertising Representative. These roles have taught her to understand the importance of marketing  and the vital role it plays in the success of any business. As she’s navigated through these roles, she leveraged her passion and leadership capabilities to simultaneously manage multiple deals, while also developing relationships with other business partners and community leaders.

Her position as Property Coordinator is just the beginning as she explores and expands her knowledge while helping those in the community achieve their goals. And thanks to her drive to succeed, she is also studying for her real estate license so that she can increase her responsibilities within Nexus Real Estate Group.

In her free time, Coletia loves hanging out with friends, catching another episode of Law & Order, and traveling. Coletia may be a small-town girl, but she has big dreams and can’t wait to show her stuff to the world of real estate!

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