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Buy with confidence when you see the mark.


HomeCertify™ ensures transparent home transactions by professionally inspecting and pricing homes at fair market value. Our aim is to simplify the home buying process, making it fair and transparent. A home inspection, covering everything from the roof to the foundation, helps identify any deficiencies, safety issues, or potential problems. It provides a comprehensive list of recommended repairs or replacements, aiding in negotiations.​A pre-listing inspection offers multiple benefits, including early awareness of any issues, potential cost savings, and an advantage over competitors. Disclosing the inspection findings demonstrates honesty and transparency, instilling confidence in buyers. Additionally, it assists us in accurately pricing and marketing your home. Our goal is to eliminate doubts and guide your decision-making process by providing comprehensive insights into the home's condition. Even if the seller has had an inspection, you still have the option to conduct your own inspection. We encourage questions and aim for complete transparency throughout the process, ensuring that HomeCertify™ instills confidence in your home purchase.

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