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Buy with confidence when you see the mark.


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Simply put HomeCertify™ is a designation for homes that have been professionally inspected and priced at fair market value in an effort to demonstrate transparency, which ultimately leads to efficient and successful closings.


We strive to make the home buying process fair and transparent.

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A home inspection is a thorough review of a home’s major systems from roof to foundation, as well as the exterior areas surrounding the home. The inspector is looking for things that are deficient, unsafe, not working properly, and at or near the end of service life. The inspection is not a pass or fail test, but rather a list of defects recommended for repair or replacement. 


Inspections can be ordered by sellers or buyers. A seller uses a home inspection before listing to be aware or, and potentially correct, defects in the home. A buyer uses a home inspection once under contract to learn more about what they can’t see in a home such as structural issues or damaged roofs. When done after a home is already under contract, a home inspection opens the door for renegotiation on your home. 


A pre-listing inspection has many benefits. You will be made aware of any defects and have the option to repair or replace things that can create major roadblocks later. Because most buyers overestimate the cost of repair or replacement, doing these things ahead of time can actually save you money in the end. Awareness of problems from the start can also help prevent buyers from backing out once a home is under contract. Having this information available to buyers can also give you a leg up on the competition.

You will be legally required to disclose the findings of the inspection so it’s important to understand that before you do it. Providing a buyer with a home inspection, demonstrating what you’ve repaired or replaced, along with receipts, shows that you are honest and transparent about the home’s condition and value. This, along with our market comparables, educates buyers so they are confident in their purchase. 

A pre-listing inspection helps us, too. With this thorough review of your home, we are able to more accurately price and market your home to buyers and agents. In return for your efforts and with gratitude for your trust in us, at closing Nexus Real Estate Group will reimburse you for the full cost of the pre-listing inspection. It’s our gift to you and it will be a well deserved one!

Buying a House

A home is often your largest asset and you want to feel good about a big purchase. When a seller is completely transparent about their home, it builds trust between you which leads to a higher level of confidence in your decision. Seeing the home inspection provides insight into areas and systems you can’t see when looking at a home such as the foundation, roof, electrical and plumbing. We strive to help eliminate any doubts or hesitation, and help guide your decision making process. 


Just because the seller has a recent inspection doesn’t prevent you from getting one of your own. You will still have an agreed upon number of days to have your own inspector do a thorough review if you wish. Feel free to ask questions about anything you see in the report. We simply want to be as upfront as possible about the homes we sell. Seeing HomeCertify™ should make you feel good about the home.


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